PHP-SDK integration

Integrating plenigo to handle your digital content sales simplifies the process of checkout and sales management. This page is meant to be a guide for developers that want to use the SDK instead of accessing the API, with it you will reduce development, maintenance and test time since all the utilities developed are designed and implemented mainly for that purpose.
plenigo relies heavily on correct date times so make sure your servers time is up to date. Running NTP is strongly recommended.


Configure the PHP SDK in order to use it.[Read more...]

Registration and Login

Use the plenigo registration and login process.[Read more...]


Integrate the plenigo paywall to earn money for your digital content. [Read more...]

Checkout with plenigo managed products

Use the checkout to sell subscpritons and single products, which you have are created in the plenigo backend. [Read more...]

Checkout with external products

Use the checkout functionality to sell external managed products.[Read more...]


Use the product service in order to check if an user has bought a product or get information about the product.[Read more...]

External user management

Use the external user management to register external user to your company.[Read more...]

Voucher campaigns

Create vouchers to give customers free access to products.[Read more...]

App management

Allow a third party to access customer information for a specific product.[Read more...]

Manage user access rights

Manage user access rights allows you to add or delete access rights to one or multiple products.[Read more...]

Company information

Use the company service to get structured information about your company’s customers in order to show it or use it at your site/app.[Read more...]

Web page snippets

Integrate the plenigo snippets to enable your customer to manage her subscription data by herself.[Read more...]


Get, add and change User Data

Error handling

Handling the error messages.